Harm Reduction Home Video

Lakeshore is a long term housing pilot project based on a harm reduction philosophy. This video explores the journey of 3 individuals and how long term alcohol abuse impacted on many aspects of their lives, including frequent interventions by police, EMS services, presentation at Emergency Room, and hospitalizations. Since moving into this unique home, these individuals continue to thrive by allowing community supports to adopt a 24 hour wrap-around model of care and support, while remaining in full control of their care plan. Lakeshore is an open and safe environment, fostering a culture of transparency, growth, and inclusiveness, while recognizing that “growth” can mean different things for different individuals, as we strive to “meet people where they are at”, and offer every opportunity for success.

Partners in this project include: Nipissing Mental Health Housing & Support Services (NMHHSS), North Bay Regional Health Centre (NBRHC), The North Bay Recovery Home, and People for Equal Partnership in Mental Health (PEP).