Intensive Case Management (ICM) Program



The Intensive Case Management Program is best suited for individuals who require visits/assistance on an average of 1-3 times weekly. Individuals who will require frequent visits during the day or week, who require frequent psychiatric and multi-disciplinary intervention, or who can manage independent living with minimal hands-on intervention may not be appropriate for Intensive Case Management support services. Case Managers generally meet with individuals weekly and can assist consumers in a variety of ways.


  • Skills Development:
    Housekeeping, cooking, budgeting,
    shopping, socializing, and short-term medication management.
  • Accessing Other Services:
    Referrals to appropriate services, advocacy, accompaniment, communication, service co-ordination.
  • Emotional Support:
    A listening ear, coping skills, problem solving, stress management, symptom management.


  • Must be at least 16 years of age and live in the district of Nipissing.
  • Must be seriously mentally ill as defined by the Ministry of Health (duration, diagnosis, disability).
  • Must require assistance in one or more of the following areas: daily living skills, emotional coping skills, problem solving, socially acceptable behaviour and substance abuse, in order to live successfully in the community.
  • Must be in agreement with the referral and require the level of intensity the service