Peer Support & Psychosocial Services

In House Programs

  1. Peer Support
  2. Support Groups (i.e. Depression/Anxiety)
  3. Knowledge/Resource Sharing (i.e. Referral)
  4. Educational Programming (weekly educational seminars of various mental illness, specialities self-help support groups)
  5. Life Skills (i.e. social skills, budgeting, nutrition, hygiene, gardening and laundry)

Community Outreach Programs

  1. NBRHC-& Mental Health Regional Centre site visits
  2. Mattawa Mental Health Support Centre, Mattawa
  3. Home for Special Care (HSC)
  4. Women on the inside (WOTI)
  5. Community Outreach/Referral Process
  6. Addiction Peer Support

Social/Recreational Programs

  1. Social / Recreational (i-e. sunshine, Therapy Dog, Reading Corner, monthly brunches, movie nights, X-box group, Music group and board games. and outdoor activities)
  2. Outdoor activities: social distance weekly walks, outdoor games.

Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Exercise and Fitness club: 10 high tech exercise equipment providing group or individual exercise plan or group, Living Healthy
  2. Food is Mood: Healthy Eating and sharing recipes, Baking, Budgeting. (Food is mood virtual editions will offered)

Community Engagement Programs

  1. Presentations
  2. Annual Peer Support Week
  3. Annual Recovery Day
  4. Annual Mental Health Week
  5. Common Referral Triage Table
  6. Community Engagements
  7. Monthly Calendar of events

Seconded Peer Support

  1. Community mental health providers – Seconded Peer Support Worker

Innovated Peer Support Programs

  1. Peer Support Navigator –NBRHC/ED (working with partnership with the NBRHC) Peer support presence at NBRHC/ED (enhancing the services of Crisis Intervention and working with partnership with the NBRHC)
  2. Learning Centre: offering six weeks introduction to computer fundamentals,
  3. Educational Workshops, Specialized Support Group i.e: Peer Directed Cognitive
  4. Behavioural Therapy (PDCBT), Peer Directed Anger/Emotional Program, Wellness
  5. Recovery Action Program (WRAP) Wellness Wheel of Mental Health Recovery.
  6. Introduction of Virtual Peer Support Groups/Training are available. Peer Support
  7. Warmline. Formalized Peer Support.


We offer a wide range of services, some of which include social and recreational activities at our Drop in Centres.

Here are several of these activities:

  • Workshops (self-care, mental health)
  • Guest speakers
  • Annual Christmas dinners
  • Card making events
  • Monthly tea social
  • Webinars
  • Tai Chi
  • and more.